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Chumash Trails Day

Old Trails, New Soles

Thank you for joining us on Sunday, October 10, 2021 for Chumash Trails Day, Old Trails, New Soles, in ​special recognition of Indigenous People's Day.  We gathered Lower Manning Park in Montecito for a brief program and traditional Chumash blessing before heading to the trail of choice for a self-guided observational hike. Inspired by our Chumash Trails Day Map, we were encouraged to identify local plant life, wildlife, minerals and rocks and photograph them for a treasure hunt. Share on social media at @montecitotrailsfoundation and #oldtrailsnewsoles and create a new community.  But we can experience this any day because Every Day is Indigenous Peoples Day!

This inaugural event was a collaboration of efforts among MTF, the Tribal Trust Foundation and the Barbareño Band of Chumash Indians. Without the expert guidance and perspective of these organizations, Chumash Trails Day would not be possible. 

Click HERE to download a copy of our Chumash Trails Day Map (in English and in Spanish).

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