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Miembros Actuales de la Junta
Ashlee Mayfield, President
Ashlee Mayfield, President

"Seeing people out enjoying the trails is the best gift we can receive in return for our work."

Paddy McMahon, Vice President
Paddy McMahon, Vice President

"I love all the front country trails, but my favorites are the smaller, less traveled single tracks near my home. I consider myself fortunate that MTF helps provide a resource of trails so close to our city where we can readily exercise and rediscover nature and open space.

Kristine Sperling, Secretary
Kristine Sperling, Secretary

"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves." ~John Muir

Kyle Slattery, Treasurer
Kyle Slattery, Treasurer

"I love the drive and short hike from Camino Cielo to Montecito Peak. But, my favorite is the spectacular 7-trail triangle loop connecting San Ysidro, Cold Spring, Connector, Hot Springs, McMenemy, Old Pueblo and Wiman. An early start, food, sunscreen, plenty of water and 11+ miles of absolute front country bliss. It's an all time epic hike."

Kristiana Almeida
Kristiana Almeida

"Santa Barbara's trails are some of the only trails where you feel equally connected to the earth, the sky, and the sea. There's nothing quite like that feeling of being so far up, with such unobstructed views. It really is a reminder that there's no place like home."

Barbara Cleveland
Barbara Cleveland

"We are so blessed to have these trails in our backyard! The unique geography of the Santa Ynez mountains creates an awesome hiking adventure with creeks guiding us through quiet canyons to hillsides with stunning views. The amazing sandstone sculptures and impressive boulders along the way are frosting on the cake."

Jenni Miller
Jenni Miller

"What I love most about our trails is no matter how much I run them I discover something new every time."

Tony Morris
Tony Morris

"San Ysidro Trail is my go-to place for nature appreciation and self-reflection."

Jane Murray
Jane Murray

"One of my favorite trails has to be Franklin, as it is very close to my house. I can get in a quick hike with a nice climb up the single track to get my heart pumping and enjoy beautiful views of the vallet and islands along the way. For more of an adventure one can climb the 8 miles to the crest and then over the top to Alder Camp and Jameson Lake."

Chris Russo
Chris Russo

"I feel fortunate to live in such a magical place where the mountains meet the sea. I have a deep passion for our trails which I hike or ride everyday."

Kevin Snow
Kevin Snow

"In the early 80's I kept a young horse on Lilac Drive. The pasture bordered the Fearing connector trail to so I could easily reach the Old Pueblo Trail, the San Ysidro and Romero Trails, and the pathways along East Valley and Ortega Ridge. I marveled at how nicely kept these trails were. A neighbor and founding member of MTF explained that membership dues covered the cost of maintenance...and why wasn't I a member? I signed up and have served on the board for almost 40 years!"

Shelia Snow
Shelia Snow

Miembros Anteriores de la Junta
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Jane Allen
James Andros

James Aviani

Monty Amyx
Peter Bakewell*
Bob Bell*
Connie Churchill
Warren Churchill
Cynthia Dabney
Lincoln Dellar

Richard Dronsendahl
Vi Eaton
Wilson Forbes
Mrs. James Forsyth
Campbell Grant
Joyce Gribb

Ellen Herman
Milton Hill
Dick Horton
Richard Horton

Bobbi King*
Steve Kirby
Philip P. Kirst*
Dorothy Kern
Dick May
Timothy McMahon

Gail McMahon
Col. Logan T. McMenemy
Barbara Mines
Mrs. Robert R. Nye
Suzanne Perkins

Dee Pratt
Mrs. Martha Riggs
Ronald Robertson*

Michael Stein

Cynthia Tippet 

Hans Van Koppen

John Venable*

Kevin Wallace

Ben Wiener

Sam Zimmerman*